Stud Stallions (current)



                                                                                                                 Coalmans Touch (Irish Draft)

                                             Trevalda Irish Cloud (@ 4yrs)

                                                                                                                 Andromeda  (Thoroughbred)

                                                                                    01 10 13

                                                                          Breeder: Tracy Crossan



                                                                                      Cassanova (Reg Friesian)

                                               Mahachi Jack (@ 5yrs)

                                                                                      Unamed (Anglo Arab)

                                                                                       01 10 13

                                                                             Breeder: Brigitte Doyle


                                                                                    Ohai Jim (Shire)                                       

                                                    Ohai Frost (@ 3yrs)

                                                                                     Gini (NZ Stationbred) 


                                                                                 10 -11- 2012

                                                                           Breeder: Heather Jade

Stud Stallions (Foundation)

                     Bobby Coon (the little Master)

Bobby Coon sired 28 foals before his death in 1996. 12 of these were exported to Japan as showjumpers. While standing  just 14.3 hh high his progeny out of Clydesdale mares averaged 16 hh

On the lookout for a stallion we found him in a paddock still running with his mother at age 5. He had never been tied up nor had his feet trimmed.  After paying $150 for him we was chased onto a stock truck -  arriving home with a few scrapes and bruises. I taught him to lead in 1 hour and was riding him in 3 days. He was that sought of horse.


My fancy has always been dressage and that was the  initial objective but once Bobby Coons stock hit the competition rings the die was cast. Rata Mill horses were to become best known as jumpers.


Booby Coon actually had quite a bit of pony blood, a half brother (Diplomat) having won NZ Pony Jumper of the Year a couple of years before we bought him.


Bobby Coon progeny have won scores of important championships  in showhunter, showjumper, combined jumping:dressage, eventing, and pony club. The most important will always be Rata Mill Brown Bess of who I intend to write a special tribute on this site. The second foal dropped from Bobby Coon, she was one in a thousand. 


                          Rata Mill Stannic

                                            By Bobby Coon out of TB mare Almi 

Stannic was designer bred as a replacement for Bobby Coon. We advertised for a big grey TB mare. As it turned out she foaled this one horse, which was opportune as Bobby Coon died of a heart attack when Stannic was 3.

Stannic left big scopey horses. Born in 1993 he was retired from breeding in 2011 as most of the mares were too closely related. However his impact lives on. 75% of the big grey broodmares shown elsewhere on this site are by Stannic. Stannic’s mother had very low milk production so he never grew to his potential. Interestingly with less than 1/8 Arab blood he still displayed complementary Arab traits (feet, features, and temperament)  which further supported my decision to always have some Arab in the breed mix. 





                                                             Reg TB

Luckily, Serpico also died of a heart attack after sireing just 5 foals. He was part of an experiment to breed straight TB x Clydesdale's 

Only one of the 5 were easy to handle. He became a very competent police horse. The remainder were hot and difficult. If it were not for 2 very good trainers the experiment would have been a complete failure.  One progeny (Titoki) was to become second highest NZ showjumping stakes winner in the mid 1990's. A second  (Bushman) still jumps Grandprix in Japan at age 22.

Up until the influence of Serpico Rata Mill horse had proven to be stable, easy to train and ride. If Serpico had bred more foals this reputation could have been destroyed. Breeding the odd champion is not good enough. This was my one and only attempt to use straight TB. Never again. They are too inconsistent in size and temperament. Furthermore, TB broodmares do not have the constitution necessary in our conditions. The most important factor in horse breeding is consistency of type and temperament. 

Most breeding schemes are focused on breeding champions.Our's isn't. My attitude is first breed well made horses with quality of type, constitution and temperament. Do this consistently and the cream will rise to the top. Look at a paddock of quality unbroken young stock and it is impossible to predict which will make a champion showjumper. 95% of horses end up doing ordinary things with ordinary riders. My objective is to produce horses that do this well.  Many potential champions never make it because they don’t meet a champion rider/trainer.



Photon was a grey, straight TB x Arab (Anglo Arab) bred by endurance rider Ray Tylee of Taupo.  He was just 16 hh and left horses slightly smaller than those  Stannic. His offspring were tidy in conformation, and very stable in nature. He matched Stannic as a sire of jumpers. 




Grey 16.2 NZ Stationbred, bred by Jim Wright.  Consul left big solid horses with superb natures. They were all 'Point and Go' jumpers. Lovely horses to deal with.